Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the ideal age for a Rabbi Jake Concert?

Rabbi Jake is a unique form of Jewish entertainment.  He can inspire early-childhood, elementary, and even adults with his special concerts geared for each crowd.  He has his own original music for all different ages, and also plays cover songs in order to constantly keep his concerts fun and exciting.

How much does a Rabbi Jake concert cost?

Rabbi Jake concerts and classes depend on the amount of children and size of venue.  Please contact Rabbi Jake in order to get a specific quote for your upcoming event.

What types of songs does Rabbi Jake play?

Rabbi Jake can play any style children’s songs.  His own original music is a blend of Jewish folk, rock, pop, and country, and he also plays all of the classic children’s songs as well.  Each Rabbi Jake concert is designed specific to the crowd in order to enhance the experience of all attendees.

What exactly makes Rabbi Jake concerts a unique choice of entertainment?

Rabbi Jake concerts are unique and offer children a real concert experience.  At times, the Rabbi Jake sounds like an entire band is with him on stage, as the music gets the children to jump.  At other times, Rabbi Jake pulls out his guitar and plays classic children songs.  Lastly, Rabbi Jake concerts contain the glow stick portion of the concerts where the lights go out and the children enjoy the glow in the dark experience.  Rabbi Jake concerts infuse events with a feel of Jewish fun and excitement and allow the children to learn about Judaism in a really exciting fashion.

Are Rabbi Jake concerts interactive?

Rabbi Jake believes that concerts must be interactive engaging for children.  Not only do the children clap, dance, hop, jump, etc.  At times, Rabbi Jake calls up children on stage to help sing songs.  Rabbi Jake also hands out prizes and glow sticks which make the concerts a true unique concert experience for children.

Does Rabbi Jake write his own original music?

Rabbi Jake is a singer/songwriter and has been composing original tunes ever since elementary school. Rabbi Jake’s music speaks to the heart, and the songs composed for his album allow children to experience the joy of Judaism in a fun and exciting way.